The Painting Gallery of
Michael Lasoff

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The Court of Marvels 2006 The Court of MarvelsCrossed Projections 2006Crossed Projections Endless Shore 2006Endless Shore



Enigmatic Embrace 2006 Enigmatic Embrace The Innovators 2006The Innovators Thrinity 2006 Thrinity



Surfacings 2006 Surfacings The Wandering Life 2006The Wandering Life Colors of Alchemy 2006 Colors of Alchemy



Hushed Departure 2006Hushed Departure Myths and Charms 2006Myths and Charms Invocations 2006Invocations


Masked Triumph 2006Masked Triumph Magician and Spirit 2006Magician and Spirit Relatives in Blue 2006Relatives in Blue






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